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Author: J P

The Modular USB Flashlight w/ Recycled Lithium Cell

The 2600mAh 18650 lithium cell used in this power bank is reclaimed from laptops donated, tested and reconditioned. This is generally good for one charge of a high end smart phone. Or, several hours of light.

The Magic Honey Jar

How doth the little busy bee Improve each shining hour, And gather honey all the day From every shining flower! How skilfully she builds her cell! How neat she spreads the wax! And labours hard to store it well With the sweet food she makes. Excerpt from a poem by Isaac Watts, parodied by Lewis…
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Grandfather Percy DeWillard Smith’s Pocket Watch (1845)

Story Percy tried to get into RAF (Royal Air Force) during WWI around age 16-18. 1914-1918. The note included said he may have bought the watch in London about that time. However, I have dated the finishing of the watch to around 1845. I’m thinking it may have been his father’s since it still has…
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Moonphase Watches, and the Importance of Tracking the Moon

This mechanical watch complication allows you to track the phase of the moon graphically in real time. At the same time the hour and minute hands standard to all watches allow you stay synced with the sun. In modern times you can consult an app or website to check on the phase of the moon.…
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Converting an Cheap A5 Clone into a Precise Open Source Networked Laser Cutter

In order to cut my watch face designs from ~1/32″ (0.8mm) real hardwood veneer, I need a powerful, and extremely precise laser cutter. So, I purchased a clone of the Eleksmaker A5, laser safety glasses, and an extra arduino. Follow along if you like! 2020 software update Todo: Guide What you’ll need: $142…
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Come check out some Open Watches this Sunday! (May 20th, Miner’s Foundry)

I will have a couple of watches on display at the May 20th Nevada City Craft Fair in Nevada City. At the #littlesmokestudio table. Thank you Sam! #littlesmokestudio #thecuriousforge #jewelrycycle #theopenwatch  

Mag’s Custom Open Watch

Rose gold stainless steel 32mm case & crown, gold skeletonized automatic mechanical movement, laser cut blond maple face, blue lume hands, aluminum rainbow flag, black reclaimed leather 18mm strap with brass rivets. Thank you Mags!! You’re the best. I’m now more excited than ever to continue designing and assembling watches. #theopenwatch #curiousforge #jewelrycycle

Treasure Hunting in Nevada County

Map from: Along with breathtaking beauty, and colorful artist culture. Nevada County offers a rich history of treasure. More gold than we will ever know was pulled out of the ground here. Unfortunately, it came with the complete disregard of an indigenous population. Survived by the Nisenan Rancheria people. Extreme prejudice to other races.…
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How, What, and Where to Recycle in Nevada County

Recycling at Home Curbside with Waste Management They would like everything to be clean. Paper: In any form or shape Aluminum foil: Yes Cardboard: yes, but please stack separately Glass, steel cans, and card stock (food boxes), are all recyclable. Returnables (Bottles and Cans): Any and all with a refund notice. Plastic: Hard plastics only. If…
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The Magical Engagement

Video Video, and my engagement ring designed and created by me. Cassandra Lee designed her rings, and also shot all the video footage. She was my studio assistant. As well as provided editing feedback and morale support. <3 <3 <3 Thank you, Jessi Ramone (Cas’s cuz), for the awesome photoshoot at the end. Amazing photographer. Soundtrack: begin again – Purity Ring Software:…
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How To Wind Your Open Watch

Take watch off of wrist. Hold Watch so that 12 o’clock is upright. Turn winding crown clockwise until mainspring is tight. (You can turn it backwards instead of lifting your fingers off, if you like to use a more of a twist back and forth motion. There is a clutch that allows you to turn…
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