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Grandfather Percy DeWillard Smith’s Pocket Watch (1845)

Story Percy tried to get into RAF (Royal Air Force) during WWI around age 16-18. 1914-1918. The note included said he may have bought the watch in London about that time. However, I have dated the finishing of the watch to around 1845. I’m thinking it may have been his father’s since it still has…
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Moonphase Watches, and the Importance of Tracking the Moon

This mechanical watch complication allows you to track the phase of the moon graphically in real time. At the same time the hour and minute hands standard to all watches allow you stay synced with the sun. In modern times you can consult an app or website to check on the phase of the moon.…
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The Manzanita

🍁Presenting Heartwood Creations 🍁 Greetings! I am pleased to present not only myself but also my love for one of nature’s greatest gifts – Manzanita, the Arctostaphylos. I am proud to introduce you to the unique charm of this species and the timeless elegance it infuses into jewelry, art, toys, and functional kitchen tools offered…
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The Open Watch

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